Event Location

At this time, the location of the event is not set. Please check back for an update on this. As of now, we will host it somewhere in Southeast Wisconsin, USA. 


We will not endorse any hotels however will help with locating one near our location. Please check back for a list of hotels. 

The Area

One we have a confirm location, we will have a list of activities in the area for you and your family. Please feel free to bring your family for a vacation while you are training. Possibly we will have discounts set up through our vendors and other locations in the area. 


Upon confirmation of the location we will let you know what airport will be the best to fly into.


Do you want to attend but need help? Please let us know. We have many people within the association that is willing to help in many different ways. If there is something that is preventing you from attending please contact us right to see how we can help.


This event will be open to all family members if they wish to watch. Spectator prices will be $15 a one day or $25 for both Saturday and Sunday. Family are also welcome to attend the Welcome Dinner on Friday night for the standard fee.