Grandmaster Liu Chang-I

  Known to create incredible power from simple movements, Shifu Liu travels around the world to both demonstrate and teach others how to develop the ability to deliver the incredible kinetic power (Thunder) that is characteristic of Feeding Crane techniques. He is the reason why we will all be at this event.

Francisco J. Quinones

Coming to you from  San Juan, Puerto Rico Quinones Shihan has an extensive background in Goju Ryu Karate before meeting Shifu Liu in 1996. Following that meeting he has dedicated himself to the spread of Feeding Crane Kung Fu across his island. Shifu Liu has called him one of his oldest students in North America. 

Frederick W Lohse III

Lohse Sensei began training in Goju Ryu and Matayoshi Kobudo in 1986 . 10 years later, Lohse began his training in Feeding Crane Kung Fu and has also trained with Shifu Liu in Taiwan. He brings a unique understanding to this event, bridging the gap between the Chinese and Japanese/Okinawan principles. 

Christopher R Braun

Braun Sensei has been actively involved in the martial arts for over 32 years, currently holding ranks in Okinawan Karate, Aiki-jitsu, Escrima and more. After a chance meeting in Okinawa with Shifu Liu, he states that Feeding Crane has brought him full circle and has dedicated himself to the spread of that art and to help it grow. 

Michael Calandra

Shifu Calandra currently he holds ranks in  Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method, Isshin-Ryu Karate, Feeding Crane Kung Fu, Iaido,  Judo and more. Calandra was a member of the New York Police Department for 22 years, a certified FBI defensive tactics instructor and graduate of the FBI officers survival school.